Alexander Gaus

Alexander Gaus

Research Associate

Alexander Gaus is a research associate at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin. His research and consulting work focuses on humanitarian assistance, development cooperation and monitoring and evaluation. Alexander is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Potsdam. In his PhD studies, he focuses on international government networks and their management. 

At GPPi, Alexander currently supports an initiative of Southern African think tanks and civil society organizations that aims to promote good governance and more African voices in the international development debates. Prior to this, he managed together with InterAction and Saferworld a process for civil society organizations in the EU and the US to provide input on the nexus of security and development into the official EU-US Development Dialogue. Earlier, he managed the 20102011 research project Uniting on Food Assistance – Promoting Evidence-Based Transatlantic Dialogue and Convergence and contributed to GPPi’s monitoring and evaluation program. 

Previously, he worked for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Botswana on a security, peace and governance project. During his university studies, Alexander completed internships with Adelphi Research in Berlin and the Global Policy Forum Europe in Bonn. 

Alexander holds a masters degree in political science with a focus on international relations from the University of Freiburg. He also received a Diplôme d’Administration et Politique Internationale from the Université Pierre Mèndes France in Grenoble and recently finished his studies towards a postgraduate diploma in public management from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In 2009, he was awarded a research scholarship from the University of Oxford. 

Languages: German, English, French

Recent Publications

Commentary 16 July 2015

FFD3 Must Address Domestic Resource Mobilization with Concrete and Actionable Ideas

by Alexander Gaus, Fanwell Bokosi, Tadazwa Chikumbu
Third International Conference on Financing for Development

Policy Paper 01 March 2014

Connecting Security and Development: Towards a Transatlantic Strategy in Fragile States

by Alexander Gaus, Wade Hoxtell
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Commentary 05 February 2014

No Surprises in South Sudan, or in the Central African Republic

by Alexander Gaus, Steffen Eckhard
Le Monde diplomatique

Research Paper 15 July 2013

The EU-US Development Dialogue: Past, Present and Future

by Alexander Gaus, Wade Hoxtell
Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogue

Research Paper 15 March 2012

Food Security: A Mapping of European Approaches

by Alexander Gaus

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