Lotte Ruppert

Lotte Ruppert

Research Associate

Lotte Ruppert is a research associate at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin. She contributes to the institute’s work on humanitarian action and monitoring and evaluation. Her areas of expertise are humanitarian reform, communication with crisis-affected populations and cash transfer programming.

Lotte currently supports policy development for the European Union’s humanitarian aid department (DG ECHO) with the INSPIRE consortium. Before that, she was part of the three-year research project Secure Access in Volatile Environments (SAVE), investigating how aid agencies can strengthen accountability to affected populations in conflict settings. Additional GPPi projects that she has supported include a political economy analysis of the Drivers and Inhibitors of Change in the Humanitarian System for UK DFID and a study for the Norwegian Refugee Council on cross-border humanitarian access in Syria.

Before joining GPPi, Lotte was an intern at the Middle East and North Africa desk of Oxfam Novib in The Hague. In 2014, she conducted fieldwork in Beirut that focused on the coordinating role of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the protection of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

In 2015, Lotte graduated with distinction from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s course in “Global Studies – A European Perspective.” For the first year of the program she studied at the University of Roskilde in Denmark and completed her studies at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Lotte holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Amsterdam and spent an exchange semester at the University of Melbourne.

Languages: Dutch, English, German

Recent Publications

Report 09 November 2016

Listening to Communities in Insecure Environments

by Lotte Ruppert, Elias Sagmeister, Julia Steets

Commentary 04 July 2016

Full Accountability to Affected People Cannot Possibly Be Bad – Or Can It?

by Lotte Ruppert, Andrea Binder
CHS Alliance

Report 12 May 2016

Drivers and Inhibitors of Change in the Humanitarian System

by Julia Steets, Andrea Binder, András Derzsi-Horváth, Susanna Krüger, Lotte Ruppert

Commentary 08 February 2016

Are You Really Listening? How Feedback Mechanisms Work (or Not) in Insecure Environments

by Lotte Ruppert, Elias Sagmeister